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How to change the wallpaper on iPad

One way to personalize your iPad is by changing your background to include a photo of a loved one, a picture of your last vacation or just a cool image.

You can change your Lock screen and Home screen very easily with these few steps.

The process is the same with all models of Apple tablets (iPad 1,2,3,4,9, iPad mini, iPad air, iPad pro, etc.).

Step 1 Access your settings

Click on the setting icon, then Wallpaper and finally click Choose a new wallpaper.

Step 2 Choose an image

  • From your album: A picture you took.
  • An apple preset image: Several options are offered like Dynamic, Still, etc.
  • A wallpaper from a specialized website (You need to download it beforehand)

Step 3 Click set

Clicking set will confirm your choice.

Step 4 Choose an emplacement

  • Lock screen
  • Home screen
  • Both your lock and home screen

If you want to pick a different image for your screens you can repeat the steps and have different wallpapers.

For more information you can go on Apple support page