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How to change the wallpaper on Android Tablet

Personalizing your tablet is easy! You can change the look of your tablet by changing your wallpaper.

The steps may vary a little bit, but all Android tablet models have a very similar process to change your background. Whether you have an LG, Samsung, Amazon, Huawei or any other device you should follow these few steps:

Step 1 Access your screen settings.

Press on the homepage for a few second and select wallpaper.

Step 2 Choose your wallpaper.

You can choose if you want to use:

  • a picture you took by going through your gallery
  • an Android wallpaper that is already preloaded in the tablet
  • a wallpaper you found online that you previously downloaded

There are two types of wallpaper traditional or live(animated).

You can download Apps to have more of regular or live wallpaper options.

Step 3 Pick an emplacement

You can use your new background for:

  • Lock screen
  • Home screen
  • Both!

If you want different images for both of your screen, simply repeat the process.

Step 4 Install the wallpaper.

Click on save, set or change depending on the type of tablet you have, and your wallpaper will appear.

Enjoy your new wallpaper and repeat the process as often as you wish.